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Peerview Data Insights

Being a Classic but Relevant CPA with Peerview Data

I remember a couple years ago when the Polaroid Minis came out. Everyone, obsessed with the nostalgic look and feel of these small and grainy photographs, seemed to be gifted with one of these tiny cameras for Christmas and birthdays. Social media feeds were full of high resolution images of old-looking photos from holiday parties and birthday dinners for months after.

It’s so funny how no matter how advanced technology gets and no matter how many trails are blazed in the way of seemingly making life easier, people always end up longing for simpler times.

This goes not only for the nostalgic feeling of tiny photographs, but also for your clients’ accounting software. After the big boom of accounting software that made it ostensibly easy for one to handle their finances all on their own. The wave of tech has brought with it a sense of enablement, but there comes a point when they find themselves longing for the old days of collaboration and consulting conversations. Maybe this moment comes when your business clients realize their numbers have decreased or plateaued despite their efforts. Perhaps it happens when they lose their passion for the 15-year-old business they’ve given their whole lives to because they feel like they’ve explored every option without seeing the ground breaking results they feel they deserve.

This is where you, the CPA, come in to play.

There are services and expertise you’re able to provide your clients as they strive to meet their goals and quotas that no store-bought software could ever offer. Your years of experience and industry knowledge are invaluable and classic. Paired with Peerview Data's client analysis & benchmarking tool that automatically gives you readable, shareable, actionable performance assessments you can use with all your clients, you're classic and relevant.