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Pass it On: Forbes Article About Standing Out As A Consultancy

Consulting is a tough business. You as a CPA know this to be true. When we came across this article on Forbes, we couldn't help but pass this along as it offers the advice and main points about the goals you, as a consultant, should be working toward to better your practices. 

In this article, author Pia Silva compares you (the small consulting firm) to David and large corporations to Goliath. When it comes to making the best and standing out as the small "underdog," Silva outlines her main suggestions for standing out as follows:

  • Be proud you're a David
  • To Be A David You Have To Stop Acting Like Goliath
  • Big is No Longer Seen As Best

In short, standing out as a consulting company seems to be all about owning the fact that you are a smaller firm and emphasizing how that makes you special. 

As a CPA you already have developed, standing relationships with your clients. You know their business, their industry and about their personal goals. At Peerview Data we equip you with the tools to analyze your clients' performance data and give them the meaningful one-on-one consultations they need.