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Peerview Data Insights

Pass It On: Forbes Article on How AI Benefits and Harms Society

We recently stumbled upon this article from Forbes about how AI impacts society for worse or for better. Many of the points Forbes' Technology Council made drove home points we've made in past blog posts about benefits of using a CPA who uses an app to automate analytics and benchmarking for business. 

2. Frees Up Humans To Do What They Do Best

Humans are not best served by doing tedious tasks. Machines can do that, so this is where AI can provide a true benefit. This allows us to do the more interpersonal and creative aspects of work. - Chalmers BrownDue"

When you use a CPA or business consultant who relies on an app like Peerview Data to help benchmark and analyze your company's data you can count on them to advise you well as they use your data to better the outcomes of your efforts and reach goals. Relying on a CPA and AI to do the brunt work leaves your time freed up to focus on making a difference within your company and lead a full life outside of it. Who says AI and big data have to be all bad?