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Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Cain Ellsworth & Co

We are excited to recognize and thank Cain Ellsworth and Co. in Sheldon, Iowa for choosing Peerview Data as the comparative analytics application for their firm.

Matt Heemstra, Director of Growth & Profit Solutions shared, “The initial push to look at Peerview started with the advisory portion of our practice, but at the same time we recognized the benefits to our A&A practice and others as well. It really was one of those opportunities that will be a benefit across the firm.”cain-ellsworth-logo-bn

Heemstra also shared some insight into their decision-making process of choosing Peerview. “The initial review started with me, but very early on in the process we included our A&A leaders and one or two key client service people. We wanted an application that the key users felt comfortable with and felt some ownership of, rather than just feeling like some partner picked one and now they have to use it.”

When asked what they are looking forward to the most with using Peerview’s app Heemstra stated, “We’re really excited about how easy Peerview is to use. We’ve done analytical work in the past, but it always involved lots of manual input, lots of spreadsheets that we had to create & populate, etc. Now we can spend more time creating value and less time doing busywork.”

Heemstra shared Cain Ellsworth’s plan for using the app, “Everyone knows in our industry that we have to be able to provide value beyond just some paper with numbers on it. Peerview will help us provide a higher level of analysis so we can make those numbers meaningful for our clients. It will also drive conversations beyond the numbers and allow us to help our clients identify and make the changes they want to make to their business.”

"We share the same vision of where the profession is headed with the team at Cain Ellsworth, which makes for a great relationship. Moving from compliance to consulting is their desire and is exactly what Peerview's solutions are created to do," shared Glenn Dunlap, CEO of Peerview Data. 

About Cain Ellsworth
Cain Ellsworth specializes in serving small to medium sized businesses in banking, manufacturing, property and casualty insurance, plus a variety of other industries. Helping companies succeed is not just their business, it’s their passion. Whether you work in agriculture, construction, general business or a service industry, let Cain Ellsworth go “beyond the numbers” to establish strong working relationships and help you achieve the desired outcomes.

About Peerview Data 
Peerview Data provides comparative analytics and benchmarking solutions to accounting firms, enabling them to turn client data into actionable insights, get back in front of clients, and grow consulting revenue. 

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