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Analytics & Advisory Platform for Accounting Firms

Turn Client Data into Actionable Insights, Move from Compliance to Consulting



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You are collecting financial data from your clients, but how do you access it for analysis or decision making? With Peerview’s Practice Reports, you’ll be able to analyze your client data, identify clients that are lagging behind their peers, and uncover new opportunities to best serve them. 


Have you ever talked about “getting back in front of clients” but didn’t have a reason to reach out to them? Peerview’s Company Reports allow you to identify potential areas of improvement in your clients’ businesses & provide you with all you need to start the conversation.


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If you have a desire for your firm to become more consultative, how will you navigate the change? Company Reports, with Summaries & Forecast tools, enable you to develop a course of action with your clients, determine who will do what, and help them manage the improvements in their businesses.


Are you frustrated with the quality of industry data offered by other providers or still looking for data for one-off clients? Peerview compiles data from public and private companies as well as publicly available sources (e.g. IRS, Census Bureau, etc.). Our reports never contain data for fewer than 20 companies.

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Reports with Clients

Peerview Data's application was the first solution that provided us with views of all of our clients and client data. As a result, we're able to see how our clients are doing compared to their peers and proactively connect with those who need assistance. 

Mike Potter, CPA, Managing Partner,
Peachin, Schwartz & Weingardt

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Subscriptions are developed to fit your firm.

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