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Aiding Efficiency

In this day and age you've GOT to be efficient. Peerview Data can help.

In the fast-paced, packed-schedule-driven world that we live in, efficiency is key. Simply, theres no time to waste when it comes to life in general; let alone running a company.

This truth is one your business clients are familiar with. There’s only so much time in the year and they need to be honing their levels of efficiency. As their CPA and business advisor, they want you to let them know how they can boost their company’s efficiency, including their recent hires. They need help to track how their employees are doing, gauge whether they’re offering enough of the right benefits to keep adequate employees happy and how much annual revenue is being invested in employees who’re sticking around to grow the company (or not).

As a CPA, you’re in charge of a lot of peoples’ information and caretaking of a lot of the inner workings of your clients’ individual businesses. You help people keep it together, which means that you need people around you who can help you keep it together and enable you to do your best work.

Sure, it makes sense to asses those who are working within your company day by day. But it’s also important to evaluate your clients and whether they’re aiding or impeding your efficiency during the year and especially during busy season. Having access to your clients’ data and consulting with them throughout the year about changes or problem areas empowers you to see who is willing to do what it takes to grow toward their goals and those who may be simply too stuck in their old ways of doing things to be fruitful.

Not to mention, with each busy year that passes you start to recognize the patterns of certain clients’ behaviors that might be time consuming, might throw a cog in the works for your annual routine, or might just simply be annoying.

Having an understanding of your clients’ data enables you to see what’s working for yours and your clients’ companies from the inside out. Weeding out clients or employees who have proved themselves to be resource or energy suckers is made all too simple with Peerview Data.

About Peerview Data: Peerview Data provides comparative analytics and benchmarking solutions to accounting firms, enabling them to improve their clients and increase their engagements. With just a few minutes of set up, firms can generate company reports that provide advisors with the competitive analytics they need to optimize their clients' performance in the four areas of business that matter the most: finance, operations, marketing and human resources. Firms can also review practice reports that allow partners and practice leaders to analyze how their clients are performing, determine what products and/or services are needed, and identify the best method to get the message to their clients. 

To watch a brief video of how it works, Click Here


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About Peerview Data

At Peerview Data, we know you’re under pressure to provide the best advice to your clients. In order to do that you need to be able to leverage your data and put systems in place to support your growing Advisory practice. Here’s the problem: it's difficult to standardize across your firm, not all accountants are natural advisors, data is coming from several different sources, and we're often tasked with using apps that we haven't learned.

That’s why we created software that takes the frustration out of the analysis of historical financial results, provides peer benchmarks and comparative analytics, and gives you tools to consider scenarios and plan for the future. So you can get back to developing client relationships and helping them achieve their desired results. And yours!