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Glenn Dunlap

Glenn Dunlap

Recent Posts by Glenn Dunlap:

Engagement Agreements: Obtaining Consent to Benchmark Client Data

As firms work with us to implement a benchmarking strategy, we are often asked for examples of how other CPA firms have obtained consent from their clients as required by the AICPA. Here are a couple of examples of the language that firms have inserted in their Engagement Agreements/Letters. 

Topics: Benchmarking CPAs AICPA engagement

10 Quotes To Challenge Your Thoughts About Benchmarking

Still not convinced that Benchmarking can be of benefit to you and your clients for analysis, planning, and decision-making? Here are a few quotes to challenge your thinking: 

Topics: Analytics Benchmarking CPAs Key Financial Indicators comparative analytics

Year End Client Meetings Made Easier

When Weyrich Cronin & Sorra (WCS) signed on as a Peerview Data subscriber, their plan was to provide benchmark data to the physicians and dentists that they serve in their healthcare practice. 

Topics: CPAs Accountants consulting led growth comparative analytics

Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: National CPA Health Care Advisors Association

Peerview Data is proud to announce the National CPA Health Care Advisors Association (HCAA) has chosen us to serve as their comparative analytics provider. After an extensive selection process and comparing Peerview Data’s solution to other applications, they selected Peerview Data to provide services to the members of the HCAA.

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Become "More Consultative" Using Comparative Analytics

 Problem #3 = Technology Disrupting Tax & Audit Revenues

Let's face it. The Accounting Industry is transforming before our very eyes. The technology disruption is making itself known through automation (expectation of being able to do more with less), commoditization (downward pressure on audit & tax pricing and resulting revenues), and consolidation (accounting firms merging, looking like consulting or law firms, etc.).

Topics: Business Intelligence Accounting Software Accountants Consulting Software

Get Back In Front Of Your Clients

Problem #2 = Transitioning from Compliance to Consulting

Have you ever asked, "How can we get back in front of our clients?" If so, you're not alone. Firms across the country tell us that clients are conditioned to reach out to or respond to their CPAs during compliance seasons, but don't proactively seek advice other times of the year. 

Topics: Competitive Analytics KPIs Benchmarking Consulting Software

Turn Client Data Into Actionable Insights

Problem #1 = Data Rich, Information Poor

One of the most common problems we hear from CPAs is that they have tons of client data but they can't do anything with it. The apps firms use are fantastic at completing Audits or generating Tax returns, but that's where their utility leaves firms hanging. 

Topics: Competitive Analytics Accounting Software Benchmarking Consulting Software

Practice Leader: "How Can You Make Me a Better Accountant?

I was recently asked by a practice leader at a top 100 firm in the Midwest, “How can you make me a better accountant?”

My response was, “I probably can’t.”

He was a little taken back by my answer. I’m pretty sure he expected me to sell harder to try to win him over.

I went on to explain, “You asking me how I can make you a better accountant is like George Brett asking the hitting coach how he can make him a better hitter.

Topics: Managing Partner Practice Leader

Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer, ATX Advisory Services

Peerview Data would like to recognize and thank our new customer, ATX Advisory Services, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, for selecting us as their benchmarking and comparative analytics solution.

Topics: Competitive Analytics Benchmarking CPAs Accountants

Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer, TrueBlaze Advisors

Peerview Data would like to recognize and thank our new customer, TrueBlaze Advisors, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, for selecting us as their benchmarking and comparative analytics solution.

Topics: Competitive Analytics Benchmarking CPAs Accountants