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Peerview Data Insights

Pass It On: Inc. Article on Building a "Killer Consulting Business"

At Peerview Data, our business is to enable your business of client consulting to flourish so your clients' businesses might do the same. 

Pass it On: Forbes Article About Standing Out As A Consultancy

Consulting is a tough business. You as a CPA know this to be true. When we came across this article on Forbes, we couldn't help but pass this along as it offers the advice and main points about the goals you, as a consultant, should be working toward to better your practices. 

Pass It On: Forbes Article on How AI Benefits and Harms Society

We recently stumbled upon this article from Forbes about how AI impacts society for worse or for better. Many of the points Forbes' Technology Council made drove home points we've made in past blog posts about benefits of using a CPA who uses an app to automate analytics and benchmarking for business. 

Benefits of Consulting? Sometimes They Need To Be Spelled Out

Sometimes clients can be leery about adopting new services, even if they've had you as their CPA for years now. As you try to ramp up your consulting game, you should plan to talk with your clients before and after tax season, taking time to touch on the issues they may be having and then emphasizing the different ways you can help. One asset that can be particularly helpful in these discussions is the client data you already collect. By analyzing it, you not only establish a competitive baseline you can use for yearly performance reviews, but with a tool like the one we provide, you get a readymade structure for your consulting conversations, with insights, red flags and recommendations grouped into distinct categories you can then plan to work with your clients on over time. 

Being a Classic but Relevant CPA with Peerview Data

I remember a couple years ago when the Polaroid Minis came out. Everyone, obsessed with the nostalgic look and feel of these small and grainy photographs, seemed to be gifted with one of these tiny cameras for Christmas and birthdays. Social media feeds were full of high resolution images of old-looking photos from holiday parties and birthday dinners for months after.

Small Business Clients, Competition, and You

Technology has allowed people to follow their dreams and start their own businesses. No longer something that is notoriously expensive or inaccessible, these tools have enabled people across all industries to get out from under the thumb of big corporations and become their own bosses.

Nipping Problems in the Bud with Peerview Data

You see it every tax season. Clients concerned and confused about periods when their businesses dipped into or stayed in the red. It's about as much fun watching them struggle to figure out the cause of the issues as it is to sift through the damage done.