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Peerview Data Insights

Why Personally Taking on Every New Tech Update is a Waste of Time

The world is constantly changing, especially in the world of technology. While trying to manage your business it can be hard to find the time (or to even want) to learn all the things you need to know to track and analyze your company’s data. You have other responsibilities and concerns on your mind, employees to tend to, clients to communicate with. In all honesty, managing the constant technological advances that are forever making themselves available shouldn't have to be on your radar. 

Most Important Metrics: AR Days

Your company is growing, which is a great thing. But as you watch your revenue grow, you'll want to watch to see whether your Accounts Receivable Days are growing, too, because that can be a sign the cash you need to keep the lights on is stuck in somebody else's pockets, leaving you short and unable to pay your expenses. 

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Meet the Team


Meet the Team


Good Communication Creates Happy Campers (and More Effective Marketing)

When I was younger I used to work at a summer camp. A friend and myself were the leaders of the games station. As we planned out how the week would go with each team. We developed times for each game, set up breaks for snacks and water, wrote out instructions (that, to us, made sense), and got a sticker chart system together.

Comparative Analysis and Girl Scout Cookies 

Here at Peerview Data we talk a lot about analytics. One thing we like to emphasize is that comparisons can often reveal unexpected differences. That point was made clear the other day when our building had a Girl Scout cookie tasting to showcase the difference between cookies... that were actually the same cookies, only with different names and some of them with more intense notes or flavors than their counterparts.

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Most Important Metrics: Gross Margin

 The act of comparing yourself to others is usually an unhealthy mindset. In the case of your company and your company's gross margin, however, comparison can be a very good thing. Tracking how your company is doing compared to your competitors can help you gauge where you're at and why compared to others in your industry. 

Peerview Data: Helping You Deliver Your Best

When you first started your business, you had a goal in mind. You wanted to produce your product or service, create a loyal client base, and hire x amount of employees. You wanted to give your customers and employees an experience. You wanted to go the extra mile. But maybe, as you find yourself trying to do that, you're finding that it's hard enough to keep everything afloat, make all of the necessary decisions, go the extra mile, and juggle your normal life? Sound a little too familiar?

Become Aware of Whether or Not You're Under-Performing or Under-Producing with Peerview Data

If you were in a boat and it had a leak, wouldn't you want to know? Of course you would. The sooner you knew that you were taking on water, depleting and damaging your resources, the sooner you could take action. The sooner you could be proactive in making sure you were doing enough to stay afloat. 

Honing Your Marketing Plans with Peerview Data 

I take the lid off my coffee cup and allow the steam to rush off the surface. I sit across the table from an old friend of mine, she’s almost seventeen years my senior, is one of those really cool and trendy young moms, and owns her own business. She’s telling me about a marketing seminar she attended recently.