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Peerview Data Insights

Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Raphael & Raphael

We are excited to recognize and thank Raphael & Raphael in Boston, Massachusetts for choosing Peerview Data as their comparative analytics application for their firm. 

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Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Stephenson & Warner

Stephenson & Warner in Hamilton, Ohio has recently become a new customer of Peerview Data. We are excited to recognize and thank Stephenson & Warner for choosing Peerview as their comparative analytics application. 

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Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Lanigan & Associates

Peerview Data would like to recognize and thank our new customer Lanigan and Associates, headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia, for choosing us as their comparative analytics application for their firm. 

“Audit and consulting drove our decision,” shared Tom Harrison, principal at Lanigan. “Our younger partners drove the decision and several of us worked on the sample company example.”  When asked how Lanigan plans to utilize Peerview, Harrison stated, “We plan to use the app in our management letter for audits and reviews and one-on-one with other clients, both online in our conference rooms and at the client’s office.”

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Become "More Consultative" Using Comparative Analytics

 Problem #3 = Technology Disrupting Tax & Audit Revenues

Let's face it. The Accounting Industry is transforming before our very eyes. The technology disruption is making itself known through automation (expectation of being able to do more with less), commoditization (downward pressure on audit & tax pricing and resulting revenues), and consolidation (accounting firms merging, looking like consulting or law firms, etc.).

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Get Back In Front Of Your Clients

Problem #2 = Transitioning from Compliance to Consulting

Have you ever asked, "How can we get back in front of our clients?" If so, you're not alone. Firms across the country tell us that clients are conditioned to reach out to or respond to their CPAs during compliance seasons, but don't proactively seek advice other times of the year. 

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Turn Client Data Into Actionable Insights

Problem #1 = Data Rich, Information Poor

One of the most common problems we hear from CPAs is that they have tons of client data but they can't do anything with it. The apps firms use are fantastic at completing Audits or generating Tax returns, but that's where their utility leaves firms hanging. 

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Pass It On: Inc. Article on Building a "Killer Consulting Business"

At Peerview Data, our business is to enable your business of client consulting to flourish so your clients' businesses might do the same. 

Pass it On: Forbes Article About Standing Out As A Consultancy

Consulting is a tough business. You as a CPA know this to be true. When we came across this article on Forbes, we couldn't help but pass this along as it offers the advice and main points about the goals you, as a consultant, should be working toward to better your practices. 

Pass It On: Forbes Article on How AI Benefits and Harms Society

We recently stumbled upon this article from Forbes about how AI impacts society for worse or for better. Many of the points Forbes' Technology Council made drove home points we've made in past blog posts about benefits of using a CPA who uses an app to automate analytics and benchmarking for business. 

Benefits of Consulting? Sometimes They Need To Be Spelled Out

Sometimes clients can be leery about adopting new services, even if they've had you as their CPA for years now. As you try to ramp up your consulting game, you should plan to talk with your clients before and after tax season, taking time to touch on the issues they may be having and then emphasizing the different ways you can help. One asset that can be particularly helpful in these discussions is the client data you already collect. By analyzing it, you not only establish a competitive baseline you can use for yearly performance reviews, but with a tool like the one we provide, you get a readymade structure for your consulting conversations, with insights, red flags and recommendations grouped into distinct categories you can then plan to work with your clients on over time.