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Peerview Data Insights

Small Business Clients, Competition, and You

Technology has allowed people to follow their dreams and start their own businesses. No longer something that is notoriously expensive or inaccessible, these tools have enabled people across all industries to get out from under the thumb of big corporations and become their own bosses.

Living in the age of the entrepreneur means competition is fierce and your small business clients are fighting for survival every day. Their livelihoods hang in the balance of whether or not they are good enough to beat the other companies in their often saturated markets. Many of your business clients live in a panicked state of uncertainty because of this. 

But they don't have to. 

Part of your job as your business clients' CPA and business consultant is to help them understand how they compare to their competitors. Are they doing better? Worse? Just about average? This kind of analysis can automatically be done the Peerview Data. Thanks to our "Do It For Me" features, all you do is upload your clients' financial information and we do the rest, turning raw company data into readable, sharable, actionable business intelligence you can use to help your clients thrive.