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Peerview Data Insights

Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Cain Ellsworth & Co

We are excited to recognize and thank Cain Ellsworth and Co. in Sheldon, Iowa for choosing Peerview Data as the comparative analytics application for their firm.

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Peerview Data to Provide Services to BDO Alliance USA

Peerview Data is now providing services to clients and independent members of the BDO Alliance USA, as part of its Vendor Marketing Program. As part of this program, Peerview Data will be able to offer these growing businesses and professional services firms direct access to insert project or service description. The BDO Alliance USA is a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms with similar client service goals.

“Peerview Data’s inclusion in the Vendor Marketing Program is part of our objective of offering our Alliance members a greater competitive advantage by giving them the ability to leverage additional value-added resources,” said Rob Merl, Practice Leader for the BDO Alliance USA’s Business Resource Network. “We strive to establish relationships with product and service providers that can offer the kind of forward-looking capabilities that our Alliance members and their clients need.” 

Topics: Accounting Software Consulting Software comparative analytics

Introducing Peerview Data + Quickbooks Online Connection

Peerview Data is now compatible with Quickbooks Online!

We've made turning your data into insights even easier. Just sign in to your Peerview account, connect to your Quickbooks Online account, and sit back as your trial balances become actionable insights. 

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Peerview Data Welcomes New Customer: Raphael & Raphael

We are excited to recognize and thank Raphael & Raphael in Boston, Massachusetts for choosing Peerview Data as their comparative analytics application for their firm. 

Topics: Accounting Software Consulting Software comparative analytics

Become "More Consultative" Using Comparative Analytics

 Problem #3 = Technology Disrupting Tax & Audit Revenues

Let's face it. The Accounting Industry is transforming before our very eyes. The technology disruption is making itself known through automation (expectation of being able to do more with less), commoditization (downward pressure on audit & tax pricing and resulting revenues), and consolidation (accounting firms merging, looking like consulting or law firms, etc.).

Topics: Business Intelligence Accounting Software Accountants Consulting Software

Get Back In Front Of Your Clients

Problem #2 = Transitioning from Compliance to Consulting

Have you ever asked, "How can we get back in front of our clients?" If so, you're not alone. Firms across the country tell us that clients are conditioned to reach out to or respond to their CPAs during compliance seasons, but don't proactively seek advice other times of the year. 

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Turn Client Data Into Actionable Insights

Problem #1 = Data Rich, Information Poor

One of the most common problems we hear from CPAs is that they have tons of client data but they can't do anything with it. The apps firms use are fantastic at completing Audits or generating Tax returns, but that's where their utility leaves firms hanging. 

Topics: Competitive Analytics Accounting Software Benchmarking Consulting Software