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Peerview Data Insights

We're Hiring - Marketing Coordinator

We are looking for a marketing coordinator to help with advertising and promotion. The ideal candidate is smart, self-motivated, flexible, hard-working and understands that working for a fast-growing SaaS start-up can be chaotic and demanding — if you think work is more fun than fun, you’re probably the kind of person we want to talk to.
Apply Here
  • Curiosity
  • Basic understanding of marketing tactics
  • Ability to write, edit, proofread and then proofread again
  • Good sense of graphic design
  • Ability to take direction
  • Ability to change direction when necessary
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Coordinating and analyzing the effectiveness of content marketing
  • Coordinating and analyzing the effectiveness of email marketing
  • Coordinating and analyzing the effectiveness of social media marketing
  • Coordinating and analyzing the effectiveness of PPC
  • Coordinating creation and distribution of sales materials (presentations, brochures, 1-sheets, PDFs, etc.)
  • Content creation (as needed)
  • Coordinating website revisions
  • Coordinating and updating marketing calendar
Topics: SaaS Software Careers

We're Hiring - Sales Development Reps

We are seeking sales development reps who are optimistic, energetic, and passionate about solving customers’ problems. The ideal candidates have excellent communication skills and attention detail. Apply Here

Product Shots_square_2.016.jpegKey Responsibilities
  • Make outbound customer calls to promote and sell a product or service.
  • Create, maintain and update database of customers with complete information and emails.
  • Record outbound call history and customers response in detail.
  • Ensure customer follow-up all the time.
  • Assist and support sales, marketing or other departments in handling customer requests and needs.
Key Characteristics
  • Optimistic, energetic personality
  • Self-starter, with strong sense of competition
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Strong attention to details
Topics: SaaS Software Careers

We're Hiring - Web App Developer

We are seeking self-motivated, deadline-driven software developers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to solve critical business problems. Apply Here

Key Responsibilities
  • Work individually and in a team environment to develop code that carefully follows specs/product road map
  • Consistently meets development timelines
  • Writes high-quality, bug-free code
  • Operates in full stack environment - Rails, PostgreSQL, API integrations
Key Characteristics
  • Self-starter, with strong sense of ownership of projects.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with a focus on details.
  • Passionate about creating innovative products for software startups.
  • Always learning, and looking to improve your game.
Topics: SaaS Software Careers

data driving you crazy?


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You'll never guess how little professional services companies spend on advertising


One thing we've learned working with small businesses over the years is that most of them view marketing & advertising as an expense, not an investment.

Most of their money goes to what are increasingly just "price-of-entry" touch points:

  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Social Media accounts
  • Promotional items
  • Trade shows & conferences

Are they missing an opportunity?

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Revenue-Per-Employee: Is there a sweet spot?

What are your employees really worth?

For a lot of us, when we're happy with them they're priceless; when we're not, they're worthless.

Unfortunately, that kind of gut-level assessment isn't very objective.

That's why we analyzed performance data from over 1000 professional services companies (law firms, ad agencies, architects, engineers, accountants, etc.) to see if there was a better benchmark for productivity.

Our findings?

For most companies, a good target range is between $150k to $200k in revenue-per-employee.

That's not to say that there weren't industry differences — law firms, for example, average a bit more than accountants — or regional differences — coastal cities were higher than Midwestern suburbs  — but most fell into that range.


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social media connections: how many does it take to scale?

Do followers and connections make a difference?


After analyzing data from about 2300 companies (mostly professional and financial services, but also retail, manufacturing and healthcare) we noticed an interesting link between fast-growing companies and the social media footprints of the owners and executives behind them, particularly in terms of LinkedIN connections.

When we looked at Twitter, Facebook and company pages on LinkedIN, high-growth companies usually had a more robust presence than slow- or no-growth companies, but the difference wasn't nearly as pronounced as when we compared the # of LinkedIN connections among owners and executives: High-growth owners/executives averaged nearly 2.5 times the connections of slow or no-growth companies, 500+ vs. <200.

(We ignored Google+ — sorry, Google — and are still gathering info on Instagram.)

It's important to note that correlation is not causation, and the link didn't hold 100% of the time among the companies we sampled.

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8 Essential SaaS resources

Software as a Service (SaaS) is exploding, projected to become a $50.8B market by 2018.

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