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Peerview Data Insights

Pass It On: Entrepreneur Article on Cutting Through the AI Hype

Recently we stumbled across an article on Entrepreneur's website. It's titled "6 Critical Questions to Help Businesses Cut Through the AI Hype." In it, author Brett Jackson shares tips for sorting through the jibber jabber about AI that seems to be tossed around businesses today, calling it his "bs detector."

The list of questions he encourages companies to consider consists of: 

Pass It On: Accounting Web article on "Hiding From Your Customers"

As we've been focusing a lot lately on how our app can help you be the best consultant to your clients as a CPA, we were floored to find this recent article on Accounting Web. The concept of how you may be "hiding in plain sight" from your customers among other "experts" is the point Lee Frederikson drives in this article. He begs the question: are you, a qualified professional and expert, simply not visible in the way you need to be in order to inspire confidence and draw in new business?

Pass It On: Business Advice Article on Using Big Data Effectively

We recently came across this article from Business Advice UK that had some excellent tips on how to best utilize big data to get the best results. The concept of this article is great. There's an abundance of big data any given company is reeling in at any given moment and it only grows as the minutes pass. It's enough to overwhelm a person. Some of the main points made in this article that we thought were key were: 

5 Tips for Being a Great Consultant

You've made the decision to take a step up from offering accounting services only and start consulting. You're confident enough in your skill set and abilities to venture into this part of your firm's journey, but maybe you're still feeling a bit shaky. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to be a credible consultant that your clients trust. 

The Best Consultant You Could Have

Running a business comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and decisions to make. As you try to grow your company, manage employees, and attempt to keep up with some version of a personal life it can feel like there’s only one thing you know for certain. And that is that you need help.

Better Summers, Better Consulting

After what seems like was an endless winter, it appears that the warmer weather is upon us. Pretty soon, school will be out, extracurricular activities will come to an end for a few months and popsicle residue will be a new fixture on your counter tops.

The Benefit of Being An Outsider When Consulting

When we were younger one of our family friends bought a red pickup truck when he was a junior in high school. To the rest of us, the half-rusted vehicle looked like a hunk of junk, but to him it was his pride and joy. He worked countless hours at a landscaping company during summers and after school to buy that truck and spent even more hours working to finance the constant repairs it needed. By the end of a couple years he probably spent enough to buy himself two more brand new trucks, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to sell it.

Pass It On: HBR article on how AI is changing leadership

For better or worse, big data and artificial intelligence have come into our lives and changed everything. Artificial intelligence changes the way we order food, the way we get home after a night out, even the way we approach getting into shape.

Spring Organization and Your Clients' Data

Each time spring rolls around I can expect a flood of newspaper and magazine articles about spring cleaning and organization to pop up amongst the normal news and articles. New crazes like minimalism and tiny homes challenge the general public to evaluate what they really need within their home and to purge the rest. Other articles give quick tips on how to best store the things you own so that everything has a place and clutter is eliminated.

Pass It On: Article from Chron on What Accountants Do For Small Businesses

When we talk to businesses who are not currently utilizing the services of an accountant within their business, their reasoning tends to boil down to one thing: most of them have no idea about the further benefits that accountants can bring to the table other than simple tax services during tax season.

Climbing Ladders, Eating an Elephant, and Improving Your Company 

When you started your company you thought you knew what to do. You figured using the y method of achieving x would bring you success. You pursued every method you thought might work for a year or two and now you might be looking at the state of your company and wondering how on earth you got here.

Small Business Clients, Big Demand

When it comes to people’s finances, there’s a general weight that's brought to the conversation because money does make much of the world go ‘round. This weight is present certainly when dealing with people’s personal finances but also when dealing with their business and livelihood. As an accountant, your clients rely on you to help them protect what they’ve worked to build.

Pass It On: Angie's List article On Why You Should Hire An Accountant

We know in the digital age there is a sense of urgency to try to do everything yourself. Many business owners especially small business owners — find themselves unwilling or unable to share responsibilities with those who aren't directly in their business.