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The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #27


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Pass It On: Accounting Web Article Dissects "Internal Machinery" Needed for Growth In Your Company  

"Your clients are looking for an expert to give them an edge, and if you can’t, they’ll find someone who can." -Ryan Watson

Pass It On: HBR Article on Management Changes and Use of Big Data in Non-Tech Companies

We recently came across this article that we found to be extremely interesting. Here, Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson spotlight the way that business management has been reconstructed and made to be more innovative in recent years with the help of Big Data. 

Invest In Your Clients In 2018

Even as the passing days take us further and further from January 1st and its surrounding stigma about resolutions and goals, a quick glance at the calendar and all the months to come this year still inspires ideas and optimism about what one might be able to accomplish in 2018.

Investing in Preparedness with Industry Reports

Sometimes you have those potential client meetings that take you back to eighth grade speech class. Who cares if you currently have a mortgage and are married with a car that’s (almost) paid off? You’re sweating like the pubescent, nervous wreck you used to be. But why?

Meet the Team


Name: Miles Z. Sterrett

Meet the Team

Name: Cade Ankney
Topics: Meet the team

Meet the Team

Topics: Meet the team

Secure Notes & Comments Now Available Through Peerview Data

Notes & Comments are now available through the Peerview Data app!

Using big data, benchmarking and analytics to better understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses is a great way to improve your performance, but what if you have a question about what some specific insight means? Or what if there’s a matter that you and your client need to discuss and time is of the essence but schedules have proved impossible?

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Don't Miss Out On Connections This Year

The internet, joints to bones, and finding “the one”: connections are crucial in life. Connections are also crucial in business. As a CPA, a simple way to connect with your clients and make yourself more of an asset is by providing your clientele with insights and information that could benefit their business throughout the year.