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Peerview Data Insights

Secure Notes & Comments Now Available Through Peerview Data

Notes & Comments are now available through the Peerview Data app!

Using big data, benchmarking and analytics to better understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses is a great way to improve your performance, but what if you have a question about what some specific insight means? Or what if there’s a matter that you and your client need to discuss and time is of the essence but schedules have proved impossible?

Now you, your team and your clients can post and share secure notes and comments within each of the individual performance reports for convenient and completely confidential communication.

For individual companies, you can find Comments by navigating to your Reports tab and then scrolling to the end of your Money, People, Customers or Planning & Forecasting report; at the group level, use the Group Report to navigate directly to an individual company's Money, People, Customers or Planning & Forecasting report, then scroll to the end.

Easy to operate, completely confidential, and just one more way that Peerview Data helps you provide the best advice and service to your clients and secures you as an asset.

Topics: asset notes client relationships