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Peerview Data Insights

Most Important Metrics: Customer Growth Rate

My little nephew and I planted flowers in a window box together last spring. Week by week he would come and visit and check on it or call asking me to send photos of the little sproutling and how much it had grown to his mom's phone. The progress was exciting. Watching it go from little seed to full-grown plant was amazing to him. The excitement he felt for growth is probably similar to the feeling you feel when you track your customer growth with your company. There's a pride in seeing the numbers rise and letting it resonate that "hey, I did that". 

Topics: Customers growth

Most Important Metrics: Revenue Growth Rate

Companies are generating more data than ever before, but most of it just sits there. Getting good insights from it is often too hardtoo costly or just takes too much time.

Topics: growth revenue

Most Important Metrics: Net Income Growth Rate

Companies are generating more data than ever before. When it comes to analyzing and utilizing this data, many companies are under the false impression that getting insights is difficult or time consuming. To help companies better understand how Peerview Data’s process of Big Data, analytics and benchmarking software process works, we're continuing a series of blog posts that examine the individual performance metrics that are at the heart of this analysis.

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