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Peerview Data Insights

A Case for Consulting vs. "Just" Tax or Audit Services

Accounting firms, managing partners, practice leaders turn to Peerview Data when:

How Do You Compare? Industry Competitive Reports Now Available

Need to know how specific industries perform? Now you can get comparable information on your laptop, desktop or tablet.

A Case for the Overwhelmed Business Owner

When you started your own company you probably had your service, name, and location figured out. The color schemes and logo took more trial and error than you thought they would, but they turned out okay.

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The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #25


Topics: Analytics big data Accounting Software Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends AICPA Accountants Competition ROI

Pass it on: Entrepreneur.com article on common misconceptions small businesses hold toward big data

Misconceptions and misunderstandings are common and often fueled by a lack of education or knowledge about the topic at hand. This article that we found on Entrepreneur.com touches on some of the top misconceptions concerning Big Data when it comes to small businesses. 

CPAs — We're the Asset that Makes You An Asset to Your Clients

You never know how behind you were until you finally get ahead. When you finally decide to start analyzing and benchmarking your company’s data, you start to wonder how you ever got along before.

Pass It On: Entrepreneur.com article on the importance of tracking your data

We came across this article by Mike Kappel on Entrepreneur.com the other day that hit the nail on the head in terms of making sense of the importance of monitoring your company's status. As Kappel reflected on how his small business benefitted or took hits as results of him tracking or not tracking the status of his company's data- in this scenario, in the case of financial ratios. 

The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #24


Topics: Analytics big data Accounting Software Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends AICPA Accountants Competition ROI

Pass It On: Time Magazine listens in as 100 CEO's weigh in on the two things every company needs to know

This piece from TIME allows us to act as a bug on a wall as IBM’s Ginni Rometty speaks with 100 CEOs about the future of their companies and businesses in general. While author, Alan Murray, cannot give specifics he is able to provide us with a few pointers provided by some of the world’s most successful business leaders.

One insight that stands out is that "Data has become their most powerful asset (although turning that data into intelligence is still a critical challenge)."

The Robots Are Coming! How Companies Can Prepare For The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Threat? Or opportunity?
AI is coming, but as Greg Satell, author of Mapping Innovation, points out in an article in INC. titled "Here's How Your Company Needs to Prepare for AI," it  might actually enable companies to generate more value from human capital, not less:
One thing we are seeing is a shift from cognitive skills to social skills, in which machines take over rote tasks and value shifts to human centered activity. So it is imperative that every enterprise adapt to a new mode of value creation.

Today, an architect needs to be far more than a draftsman, a waiter needs to do more than place orders and a travel agent needs to do more than book flights. Automation has commoditized those tasks, but opened up possibilities to do far more. We need to focus less on where value is shifting from and more on where value is shifting to."  
Topics: Small Business Analytics big data Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends

How To: Adopt Big Data Into Your Company

It’s clear that incorporating Big Data into your company has its benefits. Any quick Google search or scroll through your LinkedIn feed will undoubtedly lead you to several articles screaming about Big Data from the rooftops- with good reason, too.

Pass it on: Entrepreneur.com article acclaims Indianapolis as one of the top new tech cities

Entrepreneur.com did a round up of all of the cities that are newly humming with the buzz of the tech industry outside of Silicon Valley. The list includes some of the most amazing cities in the US... but we'll admit we're a little partial to number three. 

The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #23


Topics: Analytics big data Accounting Software Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends AICPA Accountants Competition ROI

3 Ways to Make Yourself An Asset to Clients as a CPA

As a CPA, you might think that high fees, limited expertise or even bad service would be the main reason you lose clients, but No. 1 on the list — cited by 72% of respondents in a survey by The Sleeter Group — was the complaint their CPA “did not give proactive advice, only reactive service. Being proactive in the realm of your clients’ data will not only show your clients that you are on their side and they can put their trust in you where their business’ numbers are concerned but also benefit the both of you in the long run. Your clientele reflects you. If they are average or below average, so are you.

The Importance of Tracking Your Data as a Business Owner

Sometimes as a business owner, even when you have the most detailed of business plans, it can feel as though you are operating in the dark. Are you offering more or less health coverage than normal for a company your size? How does your turnover rate compare to your competitors’? How are you doing in general compared to your competitors?

How To: Turn Your Company into A Data-Driven One

Keeping up with Big Data, analytics & benchmarking has been the name of the game for a while now, and chances are, if your company is not taking advantage of Big Data, analytics & benchmarking and the benefits that you will sow while utilizing it, you may be losing out in places you’d never thought of before.

The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #22


Topics: Analytics big data Accounting Software Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends AICPA Accountants Competition ROI

A Quote That Should Make You Question Everything Your Company Is Doing

In the forward to Competing On Analytics: Thew New Science of Winning, by Harvard's Thomas H. Davenport and Columbia's Jeanne G. Harris, David Abney, CEO of UPS, makes a powerful case for why companies need to continuously assess their competitive performance:
Topics: Small Business Analytics big data Benchmarking Accounting Trends

Round Up: Articles on Implications of the Tax Reform on Businesses

Everyone has been buzzing about the topic of the moment: tax reform. Here are some articles we found to help you better understand what these reforms mean for you and your business.

10 Posts That Will Change The Way You Think About Your Business

  1. This is How Your Business Will Be disrupted
  2. Are You Swimming Naked?
  3. Competing In A Data-Driven World
  4. 10 Simple Rules For Your Big Data Analytics Adoption Strategy
  5. Why Even Bother With Business Data If You Don’t Have Time To Do Anything With It?
  6. Two Mindsets Guaranteed To Stunt Your Company’s Growth
  7. How Benchmarking Keeps You What Jeff Bezos Calls A “Day 1” Company
  8. A Checklist For Growth-Focused Companies Looking To Leverage BI
  9. When It Comes To Data-Driven Analysis, Your CPA Is Your Secret Weapon
  10. What Happens If You Wait Too Long To Embrace Big Data, Analytics and Benchmarking? 
Topics: Small Business Analytics big data Benchmarking Accounting Trends

Pass it on: Entrepreneur.com article on learning how to communicate all of that data.

This article that we came across this week has some inspiring insight on how to keep your data current and your sharing methods effective. 

Pass it on: Forbes.com article on most common data pitfalls

Nobody's perfect. Even in the tech world where rules and codes are seemingly cut and dry, there is sometimes an abundance of grey areas when it comes to the world of data and just what the heck your company is to do with it. This article that we recently stumbled across helps to spell these common difficulties out.

We've Moved!

This week has kicked off with some welcome change as we are unpacking the last of our boxes and sorting through files and sticky notes. With each talented new asset that we have added to our team in the last weeks and months, our old Peerview Data office space was growing in brain power as elbow room quickly diminished.

Meet the Team

Name: Katlyn Allen

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Pass it on: Entrepreneur.com article on how to make your company more like Amazon...by utilizing more data

For years now, Amazon has risen and re-established themselves over and over again as one of the top dogs in the world of business as it has rewritten the script on distribution, business models, technology, and even accumulating other companies  (we're looking at you, Whole Foods). Take a look at what this article says will help your company become a little more like Amazon...it might be easier than you think. 

Meet the Team

Name: Joshua Flack

Meet the Team

Name: Jon Krouse 

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Meet the Team

Name: Ben Call

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The ROI of Big Data, Analytics & Benchmarking #21


Topics: Analytics big data Accounting Software Benchmarking CPAs Accounting Trends AICPA Accountants Competition ROI