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ISBDC Training Session 7/24 


We're excited to officially announce that the Indiana Small Business Development Center network has licensed the Broadview 20 section of our Strategic Management & Planning Tool, making it immediately available to current clients at no additional charge.

If you're a current client of the ISBDC, this is a great way to not only get the Broadview 20 at a 100% discount, but tap into the ISBDC's impressive network of talented advisors — just judging by the knowledge and experience displayed by those who participated in our recent training session, any company that's interested in improving its performance would be well-served by their expert counsel.

To sign up, either contact your ISBDC advisor or click here for a direct link to the sign-up page.

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Indianapolis, IN… Peerview Data, an Indianapolis-based creator of an online analytics application for small business management, today announced a new vendor relationship with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) network. This relationship will allow ISBDC business advisors statewide to utilize the Peerview product to assist small businesses to optimize their performance in the four areas of business that matter the most: finance, operations, marketing, and human resources.

Peerview Data’s Small Business Management Tool aggregates and analyzes individual company finance, operations, marketing and human resources data to give owners, executives and managers a detailed, comparative assessment of their performance.

ISBDC clients will be able to access the resource at no cost, and advisors will be available to work with businesses to enter data, evaluate the reports, and develop and implement strategies for improvement.

"Most companies know they need to benchmark their performance if they want to stay competitive but they don’t have the means to do it themselves,” said Glenn Dunlap, Peerview Data Co-founder. "Even those with dedicated CFOs, COOs, CPOs and CMOs find that the process of aggregating and analyzing all that industry, trend and competitive data is not only time consuming and difficult, but expensive."

"Our online tool does it for them,” said Kirk Enright, Peerview Data co-founder. “Companies can find out how they’re doing compared to peers and peak performers and where they should be doing better.”

The ISBDC offers entrepreneurs expert guidance and a comprehensive network of resources for little to no cost. Services provided include one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, market research, loan assistance and much more.

To become a client, please visit the ISBDC website at www.isbdc.org and take their online assessment.

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