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Peerview Data Insights

Catching Up to "Now" With Peerview Data

Over Easter weekend my thirteen year old niece was over at my home with the rest of our family for lunch. I tried talking to her about her life, finding myself asking her all the questions I used to hate when I was her age (how's school, how're sports going, do you have a crush, what's his name, how's your best friend doing?). Her answers were brief, as 13-year-old answers often are, and she spent a majority of her time on her phone. She was constantly pulling up videos to show us, taking pictures of her food and herself, and even fixed a glitch on my phone that I'd been struggling with forever like it was nothing. 

Any pride I had about being "well-versed in technology" before that lunch with my niece is now gone. My bubble has been popped.

Time is always changing. The future is now and we're living in an era that beckons you to get with it or be left behind. This applies to feeling irrelevant or like you're no longer "the hip, cool aunt" at family get-togethers just as much as it applies to any business. 

As a CPA, if you're resisting advancing technologically only to stick to the way it's always been done, you may be cheating yourself out of some great opportunities. Namely: consulting. Using advances and apps like Peerview Data, you enable yourself to use the data your clients' companies are already collecting to help better their businesses. Nip problem areas in the bud, identify opportunities, and compare progress to competitors. Being able to do this for your clients makes you an asset to your clients

As a small business owner, if you choose not to utilize the data your company is already pulling in to better your performance in ways that are specific to your problems and goals, you're wasting opportunities for growth and prosperity. 

It's time to start embracing the changing tactics of business. You have everything to gain. Talk with your CPA today to see if they offer consulting services. Or, if you're part of a CPA firm, schedule a demo with Peerview Data today to get better insight on how we can help you propel you forward into "now".