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Five Questions Your Clients are Struggling With (And How To Answer Them)



What's your pain point?

It's a common question and one of the main reasons CPAs use our client analytics & benchmarking tool:  so they can easily identify, isolate and address the issues that are causing their clients trouble.

What's interesting is that whatever specific problem the company is dealing with — high costs, bad cash flow, even turnover — it can often be traced back to the same core set of questions or challenges:

  1. How fast should we grow?
  2. How much revenue should we expect from our people?
  3. Do our costs compare to our competitors?
  4. Is our marketing right?
  5. Are we missing anything obvious?

Why are these questions at the heart of so many problems?

Companies aren't as different as they think. Even though the terrain, timing and mode of transporation may differ, the destination is usually the same: a place of where growth, value and profitability are steadily increasing.

What's more surprising than the fact that most business problems seem to be related to these five questions is the fact that most companies don't bother to answer them as part of their on-going planning process

That's where you come in.

Our "do it for me" consulting software is a CPA-friendly solution that combines Big Data, benchmarking and advanced analytics in a simple, two-step workflow that makes it easy for you to give your clients the concrete answers they need. You can automatically analyze their performance (both individually and in groups), securely share a customized assessment with the relevant stakeholders, and then collaborate to determine how to respond to the findings — while delivering a measurable ROI to the both of you.

Help your clients, help yourself.


What are you doing to help your clients with their pain points?

Let us show you how the client financial data you already collect can give you the insights you need to solve your clients' problems. 

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