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Goals and Resolutions vs Investments

Every year like clockwork, the middle of December comes around and every publication and media portal in existence switches from their usual subject matter to a cliché list of the best and worst of the year (be that fashion, politics, or baby names), as well as at least three feature pieces on how to make, keep, or choose a resolution for the new year. There is a crazy obsession with “reinventing” oneself with the new year. A new beginning awaits. New year, new you!

But sure enough, whether you invested time and dedication to your resolution after the stroke of midnight on January first, some time by mid-February the motivation starts to fizzle out, leaving you sipping discretely on those sugary lattes that you’d sworn off, all the while hoping no one notices outright that you stopped posting your FitBit records on Facebook every day.

And that’s okay! It's a comical, unwritten rule that accompanies New Years Resolutions that 9.5 times out of 10 they don’t stick. Blame it on the hype of the holiday season causing you to say you’d do something you would normally never commit to. Blame it on bad planning and execution. Or maybe it’s just because life is busy and it’s hard to stay motivated to do something that, one and a half months ago, had no place in your schedule or mind.

Whatever you choose blame, I think the failure rate of these resolutions might have something to do with the fact that we make our resolutions “loose goals” rather than thinking of them as investments. Rather than a half-hearted “yeah, I’ll try to do that every day,” an investment comes with the understanding that in doing something- big or small- you will in return be better off as the investment pays itself off.

The same thought process and depth should be applied when creating your company goals for 2018. In order to make your company “goals” attainable, approach them as investments for the betterment of your company as a whole. Further, before you create any goals for your company for the New Year, you should know which specific areas need improvement and in what ways. 

Peerview Data is here to help you with that investment as we offer services to help you analyze, benchmark, and compare your company’s data to other companies in your industry. We turn your company’s data into readable, actionable information so that you can easily implement the necessary plans in the precise, appropriate areas of your business in the New Year.

In 2018 don’t make goals or resolutions…at least, not until you’ve taken the time to invest in your company with a Peerview Data competitive analysis. And if you're wanting to double check that all of your T's are crossed and your I's have been dotted by year's end, check out this checklist from Katz Sapper & Miller.

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