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Peerview Data Insights

Honing Your Marketing Plans with Peerview Data 

I take the lid off my coffee cup and allow the steam to rush off the surface. I sit across the table from an old friend of mine, she’s almost seventeen years my senior, is one of those really cool and trendy young moms, and owns her own business. She’s telling me about a marketing seminar she attended recently.

“I expected it to be a bunch of college kids. I fully expected to stick out like a sore thumb, but I was probably one of the youngest people in that room. It was all people well into their forties and fifties who owned their own companies.”

I can tell she’s flattered to have been the youngest in the room, even though she’s only in her thirties, and we talk about why it makes sense that the seminar demographics played out that way.

Many business owners who did not grow up in the age of social media don’t know how to manage business accounts or keep up with the way that the digital age has transformed literally everything. Others who've started their own companies as second or third careers may feel lost in the saturated market of content and about how to stand out amongst the noise. Many have no idea where to start and which areas of the marketing mix or online outreach would be successful or what their competitors are doing.

While seminars and work shops are a great thing to learn about the ins and outs, it never hurts to have a little extra insight. Maybe it’s time to try the Peerview Data app. With the Peerview Data app and Industry Reports, you can easily track how your company is progressing throughout various categories of business, but you can use the Industry Reports to compare how you’re doing compared to your competitors. This way you can see if you need to be spending more or less on marketing and where in your efforts the most success has come from so you can see what has proven effective (or not so effective) for you.

Peerview Data: giving you better insights for a better performance.