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Pass It On: Entrepreneur Article, "Your Taxes Are Done but Are You Getting Your Money's Worth From Your Accountant?"

In a recent article from Entrepreneur, Gene Marks provokes CPAs and business owners alike to think about their tax services in the context of "Now that tax season is over... should I fire my accountant?"

Marks goes on to say that every company's CPA should be providing additional services throughout the year in order to keep their clients' companies in the clear and to keep themselves, as CPAs, relevant enough to keep around.

The basics CPAs should be fulfilling include:

  • Watching out for their clients year-round 
  • Realizing that keeping their clients out of trouble with the IRS is the bare minimum of what they should be providing
  • Keeping clients current on trends, competitive changes and emerging best practices
  • Being more present
  • Providing timely responses

It seems that every market is a competitive market, for CPAs especially. As Marks puts it: "The world has changed. The demographics of our client base has changed. Expectations are different. We cannot sit back and just assume that our clients are going to keep coming back to us.”

When it comes to providing extra services, what are you providing that's setting you apart? Contact Peerview Data today to schedule a free, no pressure demo to discover how we can help you go above and beyond for your clients.