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Peerview Data Insights

Upgrading as a CPA and Why It's a Necessity

I was over at a friend's home for game night last weekend and we ordered food through a delivery app for dinner. Complaints ensued when the food was fifteen minutes late even though picking up the food ourselves is something we could have done twenty minutes ago to avoid waiting. One of our friends voiced this, only to have their point countered with the blatant statement: 

"Yes, but we ordered food through the app because delivering the food on time is what the app is supposed to do." 

Living in the age of technology has introduced a level of laziness and reliance in us as we expect more and more that technology be a fast link between us and what we want. 

As a CPA, you are not exempt from this expectation. You may be in one of the longest standing professions around but things are still changing in a way that you need to embrace. Clients not only want more, but they want it now, delivered digitally, 24/7/365.

How do you respond?

Some react as if this is a threat, but it's really an opportunity to set yourself apart by being more closely inter-connected. When you use your expertise and collaborate with your clients on an on-going basis to help them strengthen their weaknesses, leverage their strengths, address their pain points and take better advantage of opportunities, you become an indispensable part of their success.

Doing all that for them might seem overwhelming, but it's not because we do it all you.

With "do-it-for-me" client analytics & practice management software, we upload your client financial data, analyze it, and then display the results so you can compare, share and collaborate with your clients when you need, where you need and with the insights you need.

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