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Peerview Data Insights

Giving your Clients What They Need with Peerview Data

I would venture to say that when we were younger, we all had that one distant relative who, without fail, gave us gifts that were off-putting. Ugly sweaters (before they were a novelty), itchy pajamas, toys only age-appropriate for birthdays long past, etc.

It was hard enough to grin and bear it through the initial ripping of the wrapping paper and eventually it got to the point wher you just began to dread the gifts. Why? Because they weren’t what you wanted. They didn’t suit your specific taste, needs or personality.

At Peerview Data, we help CPAs avoid giving that cringe-y feeling of being misunderstood to their clients. With the insights our Big Data, Benchmarking & Analytics app automatically pulls from client data, they can see what their clients need and how they can help them: what pain points to fix... what weaknesses to strengthen... what strengths to leverage.

Who wouldn't want their CPA to take a superior proactive approach by coming to them and saying "I analyzed your financial data and noticed a few things we could do to improve your performance,"?

Our app makes it easy. Peerview Data: helping CPAs avoid giving itchy- sweater feelings to their clients one insight at a time.