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Practice Leader: "How Can You Make Me a Better Accountant?

I was recently asked by a practice leader at a top 100 firm in the Midwest, “How can you make me a better accountant?”

My response was, “I probably can’t.”

He was a little taken back by my answer. I’m pretty sure he expected me to sell harder to try to win him over.

I went on to explain, “You asking me how I can make you a better accountant is like George Brett asking the hitting coach how he can make him a better hitter.

He laughed and said, "Okay. Go on. I'm listening."

You see, hitting coaches are rarely hired for the best hitter in the lineup. And that’s the point that I was trying to make. You become a practice leader after years of strong personal performance. In addition, you have high confidence in your abilities to relate to your clients and provide them services of great value. In other words, you're a great hitter.

However, the challenge you have as a practice leader is that you have other members on your team who could use some assistance. A hitting coach, in other words. That’s where we come in. Elements of our Analytics and Advisory platform help improve the performance of the members of your team. Here are a few ways:

Client Reports - Our standard client reports are easy-to-read with many actionable insights in them. The format is the same across industries, so you don’t have to learn/re-learn for each new client.

Summaries - The Summary at the end of each report identifies Red Flags, where your client is performing poorly against their peers, and Recommendations, how they can improve.

Worksheets - Reviewing the Summaries with clients can lead to new engagements. The Worksheets help outline the metrics to fix, related metrics, and steps to be taken to correct the situation.

Additional Surveys & Reports - Sometimes questions lead to more questions before you get to answers. Is declining Revenue a Sales & Marketing issue? Or is it related to people, product, quality, etc. The People, Customers, and Future surveys generate additional reports that help you and your clients make better, more informed decisions.

Playbook - Our playbook provides sample emails and phone scripts that you can customize to make your own, which allows you to get started that much easier.

Winning teams can’t rely on their best hitters alone. They need everyone in the lineup to hit well and in all situations. And just like in baseball, by improving everyone in the lineup, you improve your chance for success.

Let us show you how Peerview Data can improve everyone in your lineup! SHOW ME MORE

About Peerview Data - Peerview Data is the #1 Analytics and Advisory Solution for CPA firms, turning the data you already collect into competitive insights to improve your clients and to improve your practice.

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